Desserterie Box 2.0

– June 2020 –

This month we will be launching another edition of our Desserterie Gift Box Collection. Similarly to last month’s inaugural offering we have a range of 4 special desserts that we believe are just heavenly. Available for RM108 with a nicely designed box, these boxes are offered as gifts to welcome the weekend. We are excited to have them available and hope that customers enjoy what we have in store.

This month’s collection was created with Father’s Day in mind. Being on the 20th, our Head Pastry Chef, Corina, thought it would be timely to incorporate more masculine and bolder flavours that would be welcomed by the elder statesmen in our lives. Never fear though. Ladies will still enjoy this selection.

So a bit of an explanation is in store for what we have this month.


Similarly to last month, we have included our designer choux pastry into this season’s Desserterie Collection. A strong favourite with many customers, Mochahontas is a delightfully delicious chocolate choux pastry filled with coffee chantilly cream, chunks of fudge brownies and a sinfully decadent salted coffee butterscotch sauce. I am quite certain that some customers will order just knowing that our dear Mochahontas is included.

Bon Soir Dame

The darling of our collection. Created recently, this dessert adds a touch of flair and burst of flavour to our collection. A tropical & summery dessert made with 4 elements: a light & creamy mousse with a tinge of rose water, a tart passion fruit curd, a vanilla jaconde for balance and a croustillant base of almonds & coconut for nutty texture. Pretty in pink and sassy in flavour and texture.


When we first developed the idea for our Premium Chocolate Collection, we had 3 chocolate cakes in mind. The first was an everyday dark chocolate cake for everyone to enjoy. The second was more fruity and feminine whilst the final version was dark and masculine. We launched both the Satine (everyday) and Isadora (fruity) last year and they have done extremely well. We never did get to launching the third one though. We have been busy but more than anything we have been waiting till Father’s Day to introduce it.

Created with a more masculine flavour, the Dominion is our version of the Gentleman’s chocolate cake. A robust, strong and dark chocolate cake with a long lasting mouth feel. The chocolate is made from 100% Single Origin chocolate from the Highlands of St Dominque – one of the highest locations where cocoa is grown. It is intense, deeply satisfying and memorable.


Paying tribute to our country’s journey to herd immunity, this very unique and local dessert tart was created during the months of #cucukymyAZ. Made with 5 distinctive layers: a light coconut mousse, mini sago pearls at it’s centre, a pandan jaconde, a Gula Melaka and coconut croustillant and finally a buttery sable base. It even includes a syringe sauce squeeze bottle to inject delicious gula melaka into it’s gooey sago centre. The fusion of flavours continues to be very Malaysian and comforting. A sure hit with all us Vaxers!

We truly hope you have the opportunity to test out our delicious Desserterie Gift Box 2.0. We are very proud of the result.

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