Asian flavours are the new thing, continuing to gain more respect throughout the world. As Malaysians, we have always been guided by our love of coconut, gula melaka and pandan. Additionally, the use of classic Asian flavours such as green tea and local fruits allows us to play with some intriguing flavour combinations. If you are Asian, this category is for you. Welcome home!

Puteri Jendol – The classic Malaysian dessert made into a cake. That was our goal and we believe we have achieved it! Meet your cendol cake, a mixture of gula melaka sponge and pandan sponge with a cendol red bean filling and encased in a coconut whipped cream frosting.  

Hitam Manis – The original pulut hitam cake. There have been others but we are the original creators of this unique flavour. We created a black glutinous rice (pulut hitam) filling in a bamboo charcoal vanilla cake with a light gula melaka frosting. 

Lychee Peachy – the combination of sweet peaches with the floral hues of lychee, make this such a delightful creation. Married with a light Japanese cheesecake sponge and fresh whipped cream frosting expect this to be completed in an instant with requests for seconds. 

Midnight in Tokyo – no Asian category is complete without a green tea addition. Enjoy a rich green tea creme caramel and dark chocolate cake in this dark upon super dark combination.

Pandan Brûlée – if ever your had kuih, this is what our pandan brûlée would be like. Reminiscent of our Malaysian childhood, this wonderfully delicious cake is the ultimate quantum leap to our youth.  

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