Whether you enjoy a light cheesecake or a bolder variation in aromas like coffee and chocolate, you’ve come to the right place. Our talented bakers have come up with irresistible creations taking cream cheese to the next level. Are you ready to get cheesy? Here are the absolute must-try cheesecake desserts.

The Puan Sri Special – this much appreciated creation is a favourite amongst Malaysia’s elite. Enjoy the crunchy Oreo base and the aromatic coffee cheesecake cheesecake. The whipped cream frosting, home-made caramel and candied almonds contribute to its stylish appearance. 

Pineapple Crush – there is no better way to enjoy the essence of summer than the flavours you enjoy in this amazing combination. A smooth cheesecake with tangy pineapple, topped with a sweet coconut whipped cream frosting and crunchy coconut flakes. 

The Triple C – cheesecake, carrot cake and coffee. A wonderful original trio for the ones willing to try something special. The delicately baked carrot and cheesecake is finished with a silky smooth coffee whipped cream frosting. The combination of flavours is more than the sum of it’s parts! 

The Saint – a cake with a soft heart. This fabulous burnt cheesecake with a lava centre will make you melt. Its irresistible creamy gooeyness is so delectable that it turns this wonderful treat into an absolute pleasure. 

Rasa Sayang – a favourite amongst our local customers, this pandan infused Japanese cheesecake is true Asian fusion creation. Along with strips of coconut flesh and a light gula melaka whipped cream frosting, discover a true Malaysian classic.

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