What makes a dessert from the West? Classic flavours from Europe and the US have usually been created whenever cultures blend. As such, there is never a single overriding flavour profile. Nevertheless, there is still an image in our minds of what it means to be a Western dessert. Sometimes tart, sometimes boldly flavoured and often using chocolate, berries and coffee. 

Our collection of Western desserts bring forth these elements and pay homage to what we believe to be a Western flavour palate. No matter where you are from these desserts will be familiar and classic, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.  

Symphony – our most ambitious creation to date and pride and joy. This gluten-free dessert combines 5 elements which will launch you into song!  

The Lady – one of our most popular cakes, this lemon pistachio sugee cake is tart and refreshing. Adding fresh pomelo pulp, this teatime cake is the quintessential teatime accompaniment and a delight with all the ladies. 

Triple C – cheesecake, carrot cake and coffee. A wonderful original trio for those of you willing to try something special. The delicately baked carrot and cheesecake is finished with a silky smooth coffee whipped cream frosting. The combination of flavours is more than the sum of it’s parts! 

Le Bebé – at Kuké we are all about creating a fusion of Asian and Western influences. However there are times when a cake is just so suitable for our customers that we keep it as classic as possible. If you haven’t had a Tres Leches cake before I highly recommend this. 

Hunky Monky – chocolate is such a versatile ingredient and in this, there is no better friend for a banana cake than a rich chocolate frosting. The combination of fresh bananas and a light banana cake provides that added kick to elevate the flavour of chocolate so as not to overwhelm. Deliciously satisfying. 

The Puan Sri Special – this much appreciated creation is a favourite amongst Malaysia’s elite. Enjoy the sinful Oreo base and the aromatic coffee cheesecake. The whipped cream frosting, home-made caramel and candied almonds contribute to its stylish appearance. 

For further Western inspired desserts, select shop online or head directly to our Western collection.