Ambient Cakes

Our childhood memories of cake always revolved around our kitchen table. Under a large food cover, a cake would be waiting for us to cut a piece to be picked  up with our greedy fingers into our inviting mouths. When we first started, we made cakes with frostings that needed to be chilled.  During our MCO in 2020 we discovered the joys of making simple loaf cakes and since then we have adapted them the Kuké way. Although they may sit on the kitchen counter, these are no ordinary cakes. Made with the wonderful ingredients and with unique flavour combinations they will be finished before you know it. 

Burnt Orange Maple Sugee – One of our most popular sugee butter cakes. The combination of oranges and maple syrup to our  almond sugee butter cake is a warm blanket on a rainy day. 

Raspberry Beret – An Asian fusion masterpiece of epic proportions. A pandan almond sugee butter cake with ground pistachios and swirls of our own raspberry jam is unfamiliar but yet somehow comforting. One of our favourites to nibble at home. 

Chocolate Squares – there is no better way to indulge in pure decadence than with this super moist chocolate cake soaked in a rich chocolate bath. One bite into this silky chocolate treat and you’ll know that you have made the right choice. Luscious!

Banana Wholemeal Molasses – considered by some as the best banana cake they have ever tasted, its also one of our healthiest with wholemeal flour and unrefined sugar and only real bananas for flavouring. 

Zebra – a dark chocolate cake swirled with a think layer of cream cheese can only be as decadent as the chocolate sauce it’s smothered in. Oh my my my.  

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