Arguably the greatest ingredient for all dessert lovers, chocolate deserves its own category. Here at Kuké, we celebrate chocolate with a multitude of chocolate cakes. Here is where we have the greatest selection of chocolate cakes available amongst any desserterie. Choose from dark chocolate, to milk chocolate, with fruits or nuts. The choice is yours.

Isadora – the chocolate connoisseur has met their perfect match. Created with a chocolate frosting made with single origin chocolate from Madagascar, this ultra-premium chocolate cake has hints of fruitiness and a slight tang to give it a distinctive lift. A classic chocolate cake for the discerning palate. 

5 Shades of Chocolate – our bestselling multi-textured chocolate cake is the definition of a soft, smooth and rich. It has the ”wow” factor and is sure to bring your taste buds to life. Get ready to be seduced by its brownie chunks smothered in rich chocolate frosting, sandwiched between a layer of black chocolate cake and Japanese chocolate cheesecake.

Satine – meet our ultra-premium classic chocolate cake made with Valrhona chocolate. The classic dark sponge with chocolate filling is elegantly finished with a dark chocolate frosting with hints of roast.

Dalgona X Gold – for the chocolate coffee lover within all of us. Inspired by the #dalgonachallenge we created a dark and sinfully delicious chocolate cake with a nutty combination and strong bitter dalgona coffee. 

Cherry Bomb – who can resist the combination of chocolate and cherry? The Cherry Bomb celebrates this delicious union with a rich chocolate sponge, generously filled with chocolate ganache and dark sweet cherries. 

Jamaican Queen – a dessert which deserves a crown. Be tempted by our Jamaican Queen, a chocolate cake with sweet coconut caramel filling, infused with toasted coconut taste and pecan nuts. 

Chocolate Squares – there is no better way to indulge in pure decadence than with this super moist chocolate cake soaked in a rich chocolate bath. One bite into this silky chocolate treat and you’ll know that you have made the right choice. 

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