KY Speaks reviews Kuké

Last month we had one of my favorite food blogger review some of our cakes from Kuké. If you haven’t heard of KY Speaks, you gotta check our his blog. He is one of KL’s pioneer food bloggers and he is still going strong. What I love about his reviews is that it is so clear that he loves to eat and he eats almost everything, but what is best is that he goes in search for good food. KL is a wonderful city, full of inventive chefs and its wonderful to be able to check out his blog once in a while to discover what’s new and sometimes what has been there all along but I just didn’t know existed.

So, it’s wonderful to be able to have KY sample some of our cakes and give us his take on them. Glad to say, he enjoyed our cakes a lot and was particularly fond of one of them. Which one? Better read the post and find out! He had a pretty nifty video done on Instagram too!

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