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  • 5 Shades of Chocolate

    5 Shades of Chocolate


    Soft, smooth and rich defines this multi-textured chocolate cake. Complete with brownie chunks encased within a rich chocolate frosting, sandwiched between a layer of black chocolate cake and Japanese chocolate cheesecake.

    Note: Only our 4inch & 6inch is available for next day delivery.

  • Puteri Jendol whole

    Puteri Jendol


    A layer of gula melaka sponge and pandan sponge filled with gula melaka whipped cream frosting, cendol, and red bean paste.

  • ↓ 10% Dalgona X Gold Christmas Log

    Christmas Log – Dalgona X Gold

    RM153.00RM233.00 RM137.70RM209.70

    Enjoy the Dalgona X Gold in our contemporary log cake design this Christmas. Dark moist chocolate cake loaded with fudgy dark brownies and chunks of Callebaut Gold caramel almond praline crunch and infused with shots of Davidoff Espresso inspired Dalgona cream. Dark and chocolatey, perfect for Christmas parties.

    Pre-Order before 4th December and enjoy 10% off. Available from 5 December onwards.

  • Rasa Sayang

    Rasa Sayang


    Pandan infused Japanese-style cheesecake with layers of Gula Melaka cream cheese and generous strips of fresh coconut flesh.


  • Hitam Manis

    Hitam Manis


    A bamboo charcoal sponge cake layered with gula melaka cream cheese frosting and filled with our home-made pulut hitam.

  • The Lady

    The Lady


    Pistachio Almond sugee butter cake with a tart lemon cream cheese frosting and juicy chunks of Pomelo pulp.


  • Pandan Brulee whole

    Pandan Brûlée


    Delicate pandan infused creme caramel sandwiched between a gula melaka sponge and topped with a coconut whipped cream.

  • Triple C

    The Triple C


    A marbled carrot cake and cheesecake with a light coffee cream cheese frosting.

    Note: Only our 7inch is available for next day delivery.

  • Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb


    A rich chocolate cake, generously filled with dark sweet cherries, chocolate ganache and a bittersweet chocolate frosting.

  • Lychee Peachy

    Lychee Peachy


    Light, fresh and fruity – our Lychee Peachy made with our signature light Japanese cheesecake. Each layer is filled with juicy lychee and peach cubes encased in classic vanilla whipped cream frosting. A hit with the whole family, guaranteed to be finished before the night is over!

  • Hunky Monky

    Hunky Monky


    A lovely light banana cake, with freshly sliced bananas, chocolate frosting and heaped with salted almond brittle.

    Note: Only our 7inch is available for next day delivery.

  • Chocolate Ever After

    Chocolate Ever After


    Deeply satisfying classic chocolate cake with a mature rich bittersweet chocolate frosting.