Cookie Monster


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Our signature moist chocolate cupcake topped with a cream cheese frosting filled with Oreo cookie crumbs

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What would an Oreo cupcake be like?
Dark chocolate = Dark chocolate sponge.
Cream filling = Cream cheese frosting.
Almost there… Add actual oreo cookies with the cream cheese frosting and we have the ultimate Oreo cupcakes.

Key Ingredients

Oreo cookies, cream cheese, chocolate, cocoa powder, milk, butter, canola oil, flour, eggs and sugar.

Flavour Profile

Sweet: 3/5
Bitter: 2/5
Sour: 1/5
Floral: 0/5
Complexity: 3/5

5 very strong  |  4 pronounced  |  3 present |  2 somewhat present  |  very little  |  0 none


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