Tres Leches Mother’s Day Double Special

Mother’s Day symbolises not just our love for our mothers but also acknowledges the many hours of work and worry that mother’s inherently have for their children. When I see Corina, she is not just a loving mother but one that is continually looking after our children’s well-being, both physically and mentally. Both Corina and I want the best for our children however her methods are more direct and, in my opinion, more impactful than mine. And that is because she is their mother and “mothers know best.”

To commemorate this year’s Mother’s Day we wanted to offer something more than one of our delicious creations. A desserts is wonderful and brings joy. However that joy and memory only lasts so long. We wanted to include a gift that can be used as a reminder of mum’s dedication to us. As such, we sourced a beautiful stone-ware pot to be made with the dessert. After several days of exploring options we came up with the perfect dessert to make it in – Tres Leches cakes

The Tres Leches cake originated from Central America and was popularised in Miami where it has become a staple dessert enjoyed by the Latin community in the United States. We created our own version of a classic Tres Leches and I have to admit that it is a sinfully delicious cake. Made with a dairy solution of milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk, it’s flavour just hits my Malaysian heart.

Corina then went a step further and decided that we needed more than just one flavour. Taking inspiration from our Tuptim Thai Red Tea eclairs, she created a Thai Red Tea Tres Leches cake – Le Téa. It’s rich tea flavour perfectly complements this milky dessert making it a little less sweet and a real hit for any tea lover.

We hope you will enjoy our new collection of stoneware bowls and Tres Leches cakes this coming Mother’s Day. We will likely offer these cakes without the bowls on a later date but for now they are only available in our bowls, whilst stocks last.

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