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Sweet treats for every occasion

A homage to chocolate lovers. The greatest selection of chocolate cakes available amongst any desserterie.
Where Asian flavours blend in perfect harmony with Western style cakes. Discover Asia though our senses!
Creamy and bursting with flavour. Meet our selection of original baked cheesecakes to delight your tongue. 
Staying true to the influences of the West, we take great pride in offering a range of  authentic flavours from Europe and the US. 
Classic, unique and fusion is how we like our ambient cakes. Unique varieties to be enjoyed, any time of the day. 
Inspired by our best-selling cakes, we created these wonderful cupcakes to be enjoyed at parties and company functions.

It started with a simple idea: Make great tasting cakes

The idea is simple and timeless. How can we make great tasting desserts that stay true to who we are. Using ingredients and techniques that we can employ at home. For each and everything we make to be wonderful and give us joy.

What Our Customers Say

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Kuke cakes never failed me once! I’ve always been wary to try new cake flavours not knowing how it’ll taste but at Kuke, with a very friendly Inn there to explain and guide me which flavours suitable for type of occasion, I’m superrrr satisfied! Great choice ????????????

Fiona Ng March 12, 2023

Ordered 5 shades of chocolate. It was so good. Sweetness level was just nice ????????

Jaime Lau March 10, 2023

I bought the Puteri Jendol today, the design look awesome & the cake was nice but just overly sweet for my family....that is why 4 star will be great if they can customise less sweet

Sherene. T March 1, 2023

Great cakes and amazing service as always ❤️

Juliana Lee March 1, 2023

I bought two cakes in the past week. The first cake was 5 shades of chocolate and the second cake was Chocolate ever after. The cakes were for my sister-in-law's 50th birthday celebration. The cakes were fantastic. Everyone loved it and I am grateful to Kuke for ensuring that the cakes were as we ordered. They made special cakes for the 50th birthday celebration, and it was the best decision I made when I ordered the cakes from Kuke. From the look of the cakes, to the taste and to the delivery - everything was perfect. Thank you Kuke.

Nalakini Niranjana February 16, 2023

????Found it! I LOVE it ????????????????❤️I have been tasting cakes almost everywhere but this one sticks to my mind. I first tasted it more that 10 years ago where a gift of cake was given to me by someone from this same baker. Since then I was always wondering where is this same yummy cake gone. NOW! I found it and it will never leave my site for my cheat piece. It’s not too sweet, the choclates is of a high quality and not too creamy. Delicious ????!

Nik Nikki December 30, 2022

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Dark choc babka.. 😈 Come get me, only today @ kuké ...

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"Chasing dragonflies, like buying good books or eating gourmet food, can be curiously addicting."
- Cindy Crosby

Where we live, dragonflies roam. And while I am not one to rush headlong trying to catch them, my eyes dart wherever they go chasing them in wonder. A blissful way to spend the day. We wish u find that sense of tranquility here at our new dessert cafe 😊

Artistry by Amarul Abdullah. He is a star and available to make wonders to your wall. Stalk him on his personal IG @amarolien

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The 5 shades of chocolate. Made taller and decorated in a classic design ...

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As we still try our best to get ready for dine-in service we have choux and tarts now available on our delivery platforms. Today our choux Ayu and Caramel Latte Tart are in the house. We can`t wait to open!

Head to or to make your order.

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The lady can be made into a 2 tier version woth raspberries and bkueberries to complement our pomelo pulp. Customised cakes can be made as long as we have enough time 😀
#cakedecorating #customcake #cakedesign #customcakekl #cakeartistry #cakestyling #cakegram #cakeideas #cakebaker #fruitycake

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Another creation for the cafe tried and tested in our new kitchen and ready to go!

Enjoy of Biscoff Blueberry Swiss Roll - a light chocolate Swiss roll filled with a decadent Biscoff cookie cream and pops of blueberries to give it an extra lift 🥹

Available by the slice at or

#biscoffdessert #swissroll #biscoffswissroll #uniqueeats #cakekl #cakedeliverykl

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“The butterfly said to the sun,"They can`t stop talking about my transformation. I can only do it once in my lifetime.
If only they know they can do it at any time and in countless ways."

Our journey making cakes and now desserts continues to evolve. We hope our customers enjoy our new endeavour. Come by and visit - still only available for pick up and delivery ☺️

Artistry by Amarul Abdullah. He is a star and available to make wonders to your wall . Stalk him on his personal IG @amarolien

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We received an impromptu visit by a middle aged man a few days ago. We still are not open so he couldn’t dine in. Nevertheless he bought some slices and took some pictures of the interior of the cafe. To our surprise he represented @eatdrinkklcom and sent a short announcement about us! We are truly grateful and appreciative for the time taken to visit us.

It’s all very exciting and we look forward to opening our doors when we officially open in October 😍

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Testing out some Korean style syrups for the drinks at Kuké. Hope they turn our delicious but if they don’t we will keep on tweaking until we make super delicious drinks to match our super delicious desserts!

If u have a link to a great drink please feel free to share with us in the comments section 🤩

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Possibly the best banana loaf ever. Made with dark Belgian chocolate our Banana Chocolate Wholemeal Molasses loaf is absolutely to die for. Totally worth the calories!

Available this weekend at or

#chocolatebanana #bananachocolate #bananawholemeal #bananaloaf #cakekl

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Another day and another pastry successfully tested in our kitchens!!!

Many of you may recall Tuptim being introduced during MCO. Our Thai Red Tea éclairs with Thai tea diplomat cream, topped with caramel chocolate and a crunchy almond praline.

U can order our tuptim on or beepit today after 11am. Only available today.

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