Hunky Monky Minis


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Banana cupcake with chocolate frosting, bananas and almond brittle.

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Sometimes there is just too much chocolate. When that happens, our Hunky Monky cupcakes are the ideal choice. Inspired by our Hunky Monky cakes we use the same recipe and put them into cupcake form. A light banana sponge with a slice of banana and chocolate frosting, topped with our salty almond brittle. The result is a cupcake which is bursting with chocolate flavour but further complemented by a rich banana taste and the crunchy nutty almond brittle topping. Truly satisfying.

A wonderful addition for those who think there is such as thing as too much chocolate.

Key Ingredients

Chocolate, Bananas, Almonds, Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Milk, Butter, Canola Oil

Flavour Profile

Sweet: 4/5
Bitter: 0/5
Sour: 2/5
Floral: 2/5
Complexity: 3/5

5 very strong  |  4 pronounced  |  3 present |  2 somewhat present  |  very little  |  0 none


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