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  • Cendoleh cupcake



    Onde-onde cupcake. Light pandan cupcake with Cendol, coconut milk whipped cream and Gula Melaka sweetened coconut topping

  • Midnight in Tokyo

    Midnight in Tokyo


    A serendipitous combination of dark and extra dark. Indulge in a mouthful of moist dark chocolate cake with a layer of silky smooth matcha crème caramel to satisfy that sudden green tea chocolate craving you never knew existed.  

    I bought this Midnight in Tokyo for my husband birthday… He is not a cake person… Every year he will just blow the cake and never ate his birthday cake… Surprisingly… He ate one slice of Midnight in Tokyo and he asked for a second slice… Me and my kids got shock… And he keep on saying its so delicious… Wowwwwww… Anyway it is really delicious… We love it so much – Celine 29/11/2022

  • Slice – Cherry Bomb


    A rich chocolate cake, generously filled with dark sweet cherries, chocolate ganache and a bittersweet chocolate frosting.

    Only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • Omaigot Double Chocolate Chip

    Omaigot Double Chocolate Chip


    Intensely dark chocolate cookie with a blend of extra dark chocolate chips. Slightly crunchy on the outside and chocolate molten gooeyness within.

    Choose our limited-edition Raya cookie box with 6 medium cookies, individually packed to maintain freshness. 

  • Raspberry Beret

    Raspberry Beret


    Moist pandan pistachio sugee butter cake with our own raspberry jam morsels and raspberry glaze.

    Please note that our 9inch cake is made in a bundt tin and looks very different. Kindly let us know if you would prefer the cake in a regular round shape with the 7inch design instead.

  • Hunky Monky slice

    Slice – Hunky Monky


    A lovely light banana cake heaped with chocolate frosting and salty almond brittle.


  • Hitam Manis mini cupcake

    Hitam Manis Minis


    One of our bestselling local cupcakes. Vanilla bamboo charcoal sponge with a pulut hitam filling and topped with a cream cheese gula melaka frosting.


  • Oreo cheese

    Oreo Cheesecake


    Velvety smooth cheesecake with an Oreo base and a layer of Oreo cookies, all smothered in a dark chocolate ganache.

  • Blueberry Musk

    Blueberry Musk


    Delightfully spiced gula merah almond sugee butter cake with juicy blueberry jam morsels.

  • Lemon Sugee Butter

    Lemon Sugee Butter Cake


    Eye-popping tart lemon sugee butter cake

  • Gluten Free Orange Chocolate cake



    Savour this complex and sophisticated entrement cake that is entirely gluten-free and absolutely delicious!

    The 5 elements are:

    • Caramel chocolate, macadamia praline & coconut crisp
    • 70% dark bitter chocolate crémeux
    • Almond & cafe au lait sponge
    • Orange confit
    • Vanilla chantilly cream mousse

    Symphony is available as a 6inch, perfect for 6-10 pax.

  • 5 Shades of Chocolate

    Slice – 5 Shades of Chocolate


    Soft, smooth and rich defines this multi-textured chocolate cake. Complete with brownie chunks encased within a rich chocolate frosting, sandwiched between a layer of black chocolate cake and Japanese chocolate cheesecake.