How do I order?

To enjoy our cakes, please register an account with us. This enables us to properly track your order and service you better. It’s easy. Follow these simple steps to begin your order.

Step 1Register for an account. Just place your email address and password and you have logged in. Other information will be updated as we go along.

Step 2Head to our Shop page

Step 3Choose your cake and size

Step 4: Give additional details

  1. Cake message for the card.
  2. Indicate how many candles you would like by specifying the age. If you wish to only have 2 large candles then state ‘2’ or ‘20’.
  3. All cakes include a cake knife
  4. Select any additional accessories (birthday signage, firework candles, cake balloon etc)

*Repeat step 3 & 4 if you would like to order another cake.

Step 5: Once finished proceed to checkout.

Step 6Key in your delivery details.

If you are arranging for self pick-up, kindly key in your address details, state and postcode.

Step 7: Select delivery or pick-up

If self-collection

  1. Select date and time to pick up

If delivery

  1. Select date and time for cake to arrive
  2. Key-in name and contact details of individual receiving the cake

Step 7: Confirm order and make payment.  A confirmation email receipt will be sent to your email address.

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